ASP.NET component that allows online Annotation of PDF files

We are aiming to develop an application to view and annotate PDF files in

After that, if you possess the comment and also the desired place, you can make use of a PDF public library to upgrade the PDF and also draw your note right into the document on the described page at the specified X, Y collaborates.

Possibly one way you can record computer mouse input to make it possible for the individual to pick the region of the comment is actually to make a photo of the PDF document page as well as uncover it on the page, and also afterwards catch the mouse region on a click celebration.

Our team are actually using a PDF age library that our experts are extremely pleased with to render PDF files on the web hosting server, which our team provide to the web browser using our ASP.NET use.

The feature involves indicating x, y teams up coming from a click on and also positioning the note about that certain spot.

If I understand correctly, you are actually heading to offer some UI that will certainly enable the individual to suggest the location of the note when seeing the documents, then you will certainly modify the PDF on the hosting server, as well as provide it along with the annotation at the factor selected through the individual.

We are also looking at this and found this Java applet which does the job extremely well.

I have actually utilized iTextSharp in the past, to annotate PDFs of Piping & Instrumentation diagrams – worked rather well.

Here are the requirements, the users needs to be able to view uploaded PDFs in the internet browser. They need to be able to add notes to the PDF and conserve the upgraded PDF to the server without needing to save it to their maker and open it outside the browser. by the method I am dealing with an site (in C#).

The service that I was thinking is to render the PDF to a jpeg and usage code to plot collaborates of where the note must go.

You can use GhostScript to render a PDF to JPEG.
Command line example:

gswin32c.exe -dSAFER -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=jpeg -r300 -sOutputFile=output.jpg input.pdf

You have to call GhostScript through the command line variation (as above) or utilize a c# wrapper.

For creating a new PDF you have two main options: Modify the JPEG and transform the JPEG into PDF (you can utilize GhsotScript for the conversion). Usage A PDF library that imports your original PDF and include data on top of that.

It provides elements that let you see file images, consisting of PDFs and annotate them and save the annotations back into the PDF. In our product suite, you would need dotImage document imaging and the PDF Reader add-on. You would be utilizing dotAnnotate through our AJAX web controls.

What you can do is setup a webform with a database backend that can represent the pdf, when they modify it you can regenerate the PDF utilizing itextsharp and loading the info from the database, that way when the user returns to modify the PDF you can prepopulate the form with what already exists.

You can use either PDFSharp or itextsharp to produce annotations. Haven’t tried PDFSharp annotation however iTextSharp does work.

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