Automated Testing

Automated Testing plays a very important role in the overall software development cycle, it helps to unearth the hidden bugs and facilitates smooth implementation of the project. Software development is a complex task, it involves a series of steps such as planning, implementation, testing, documentation, deployment and maintenance. Hence, the possibility of errors up to a certain limit in the programming code cannot be ruled out.

Software testing is a very expensive and time consuming process. Automated Testing is a good way to cut down time and cost. In this type of process a program is used to test a computer program, it may sound simple but there are a number of parameters and settings to be used to perform a successful testing.

There are various advantages of Automated Testing such as:

  • Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money

  • Automated Software Testing Improves Accuracy

  • Automated Software Testing Increases Test Coverage

  • Automated Software Testing Helps Developers and Testers

Automated Testing is a good alternative for large size software projects, though the process is automated it needs large amount of human interaction. A good tester is the one who has very good knowledge of various programming languages, database technologies, testing tools and methods. Our team, at Outsourcing .Net Development is endowed with highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. The team makes the best use of latest tools such as QTP and WinRunner, TestPartner and QARun, Robot and Odin AXE.

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