B2B (Business-to-Business)

B2B (Business-to-Business) refers to commercial transactions between two business parties and not with the actual users. B2B transactions can be between manufacturer and wholesaler, wholesaler and retailer, manufacturer and C&F; agency and so on. In today's world, business automation plays a very vital role in smooth handling of back-end business process, optimum utilization of resources and achievement of organizational goals.

In olden days, the processing of B2B transactions was handled manually. Manual processing takes longer time, accuracy can not be guaranteed and also the reports that are generated are rigid in nature. Computerization helps to overcome the above disadvantages of manual processing by facilitating faster processing, accurate results and the facility to generate a variety of informative reports.

The most important types of B2B applications include: Buy Side Applications, Sell Side Applications, Trading Associate Applications, E-Market Place Applications and so on. There are various programming languages or technologies that can be used to develop above applications. However, Microsoft .NET Framework or .NET 3.5 is a very powerful medium of developing business applications.

Our company-Outsourcing .Net Development has the capability to harness the ultimate power of .NET technology to develop cutting-edge B2B applications. B2B Services (applications) provided by us facilitate transaction processing and reporting between different departments (off-line or through Internet), it provides a superior base to interact and trade between business partners such as wholesalers, agents and other intermediaries.

B2B applications (or B2B Websites) developed by us help business organizations to cut-down their cost on transaction processing, optimum utilization of resources (through supply chain management application module) and thereby, helping businesses achieve their organizational goals.

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