B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

B2C (Business to Client) refers to business transactions that take place between seller and the actual buyer, the example would be a consumer purchasing goods from the retailer. Every retailer has to maintain or process such transactions to keep track of goods in stock and also the amount of sales.

Manual recording of such transactions has its own disadvantages, the process is very lengthy and results in wastage of time. Retail business has grown by leaps and bounds and so is the task of transaction processing. The management of retail business has become very difficult due to large volume of retail transactions. B2C automation has created a storm in the retail industry, it has changed the way retail trade was managed.

B2C applications typically include : Buy Side Applications, Sell Side Applications, Trading Associate Applications, Integrated Applications, E-Market Place Applications and so on. Growth of Internet has helped organizations to setup on-line stores to sell their goods & services. E-commerce trade is growing at a rapid pace. There are various programming languages or technologies that can be used to develop above applications. However, Microsoft .NET Framework or .NET 3.5 is a very powerful medium of developing business applications.

is equipped with a team of .net professionals capable of developing a variety of cutting-edge applications to support retail organizations. We have worked on a number of higher-end B2C retail projects such as integrated retail management system, advanced E-Commerce site packages that provide retailers with options to setup on-line stores, on-line ordering, shopping cart, checkout options, payment gateway integration and more.

The B2C applications developed by us not only help retail businesses to manage their business processes effectively, but also helps them to increase their sales through on-line store and other advanced features.

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