Removing Watermark from PDF C#

If I am actually demanded to utilize an image for the watermark, after that just how do I make use of the ImageNew tag to make a picture of text message?

In the answer given at the above link, one can easily get rid of the watermark just if C# is made use of to add the watermark to pdf When I use the adhering to code, the watermark performs vanish coming from the PDF however when I convert the PDF to Word, it watermark appears once again as an image.

his watermarks could be acknowledged as the only document parts using transparency described in an ExtGState things as ca market value To hide the watermark we for that reason must realize graphics condition modifications relative to that market value.

Really the watermark is actually created utilizing angle graphics procedures. Thereby, our team may limit our editing and enhancing to those functions. Our experts can also limit it to change the final drawing direction (” stroke”/ “filler”/ “fill-and-stroke” plus certain variations) to refrain from doing the component (filling or brushing) which generates transparent content.

This course originally is actually made to just parse content streams to give back information for content, image, or even graphics removal. Our experts utilize it to keep an eye on an aspect of the graphics condition, additional specifically those graphics state parameters appropriate for text extraction.

The code indeed discovers the watermark. It just discovers a graphics state resource which is utilized through the watermark, not the watermarks on its own. To find the instructions pulling the watermark, you need to have to examine the material flow and search for utilizations of that graphics condition source.

If alternatively the resource you produce the watermark along with does this in its own way, you will definitely require an approach personalized for those watermarks.

To really revise the stream, just bypass this Write approach as well as only onward instructions you want in the result flow to the base Write approach.

Now watermark is skipping as well as looks like that pisaDocument not working considering that PDF format looks various. (or I performed glitch once again).

This PdfContentStreamEditor lesson analyzes the authentic content stream guideline by instruction taking note of a portion of the graphics condition; the directions are actually sent to its Write approach which by default composes them back just as they can be found in, properly developing a the same or at least equivalent copy of the initial flow.

Why in this particular PDF report generated in this instance my watermark is not featured? How can I correct it? (There is actually no error, simply performs certainly not present “WATERMARK”)

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