Visual Basic .Net

Visual Basic .NET (or VB.NET) is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It is an advancement over Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language which can only be used for desktop applications. However, introduction of VB.NET has made it possible for programmers to develop cutting-edge web applications that go well with .NET framework.

Visual Basic .NET provides a flexible environment for rapidly building Windows and Web applications. It comes with enhanced visual designers, increased application performance and a powerful integrated development environment (IDE). It also supports creation of applications for wireless, Internet-enabled hand-held devices.

Visual Basic .NET provides a very powerful and flexible environment for programmers. It provides with a range of enhancements to the code editor, including enhanced IntelliSense, smart listing of code for greater readability and a background compiler for real-time notification of syntax errors that transforms it into a rapid application development (RAD) coding machine.

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