Watermarking PDFs?

I am preparing documentation in PDF format. How difficult is it for the end user to eliminate? I’m not looking for airtight security; I just want something that is enough of an inconvenience to remove that fairly truthful individuals will not disperse the documkentation to unapproved users.

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I am actually, however, uncertain just how hard it would be to do away with the watermarks.

I must remove some foolish email watermark that broadens all over all web pages of a social domain name book. I took a look at pdftk man page and some instances however still can certainly not learn the finest ways to get rid of the watermarks. I value your pointers.

You can observe that the code is relatively very easy. I merely figure that Espresso is fairly preferred.

Merely a little bit of add-on to Dingo’s solution as it did not work with me:

I needed to first uncompress the PDF document to be actually capable to locate the watermark as well as change it with sed. The really first action includes uncompressing the PDF document making use of pdftk:

I want to include a dynamically produced text. Exists a way to watermark an existing PDF in C#?

Prawn to create a brand new PDF file utilizing each page of the input pdf as a style layout.

Prawn doesn’t support design templates any type of longer …

An additional alternative is to make use of PDFTK. It could be used to consist of a watermark and create a brand-new PDF. Probably prawn will do the same factor from it is actually templating.

pdftk in.pdf history arecibo.pdf result wmark1.pdf

There is a ruby wrapper treasure phoned active_pdftk which sustains backgrounding, thus you don’t need to have to perform the shell commands on your own.

In my screening the outcome report dimension was massive with the most up-to-date Jewel model of Prawn (0.12 ), however after directing my Gemfile at the expert branch on github, all worked fine.

Some even more information: http://rhodesmill.org/brandon/2009/pdf-watermark-margins/

Try the combine_pdf gem.

You can combine, watermark, page-number and add basic text to existing PDF files (consisting of the creation of an easy table of contents without PDF links).

It’s a really easy and fundamental PDF library, composed in pure Ruby without any reliances.

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